About Me

Welcome to my website. Chapters of Hope.

I am Bill Derham. I am Australian and I live in Perth a city of 2 million people on the west coast of Australia. I am a teacher and I teach English to adult immigrants from many countries.

bill and Ana

 I am Bill Derham and this is my dear wife Ana. 




I love writing, preaching and travelling. For many years I had been teaching bible classes and doing some preaching but I really wanted to write, so I started writing a newsletter on Christian themes relating to the Kingdom of God, personal faith and discipleship.

God showed up and blessed my writing. People were getting blessed and some people reported their lives were changed. 

When I had several dozen readers, I asked God: “Where to next?” The answer was immediate: GERMANY. German was my major at University when I was young but I had no friends or relatives in Germany. I turned to Facebook and built up a network of Christian friends, especially in Germany. 

This led to writing and witnessing for Jesus on Facebook, networking, mentoring and so on. 

God was blessing and clearly He had a plan. In 2009 I started a blog and God blessed it.


In 2011 I started a German language blog and I was delighted with the feedback. 


I have imported my articles from my old blog site because WordPress offers more features. I am organising my articles in categories, so you can follow topics and themes, going from one article to another by clicking on links.

You can also  go to the drop down Categories menu on the sidebar and click on a category.