Finding God Personally

There is a difference between believing in God and FINDING God. Great explorers believed in the lands they were looking for but when they actually landed on the shores of distant countries, that was an entirely different matter.
Many people know about Mother Theresa but how many people MET her face to face or actually WORKED with her?
There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. This man came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all through him might believe. John 1:6-7 (NKJV)
John the Baptist was a supernatural baby. His mother was a childless old woman. One day an angel from Heaven visited her aged husband and promised he and his wife would be like Abraham and Sarah, who became parents when they were over 90 years old.
When God supernaturally creates new life, it is not a one off event but a launching pad for a process of supernatural transmission of life, the multiplication of the reality of Heaven from one person to many others. 
Some people believe in God for years before they MEET HIM and are transformed into sons or daughters of the Heavenly Father. In other cases, God can ambush an atheist or idol worshipper in a dream or vision or even a direct visitation.
I know a young Hindu woman who visited a Christian church and then began reading the New Testament. One night Jesus walked into her bedroom and told her to write down a message. She wrote the words as Jesus dictated them and she became a follower of Jesus and a daughter of the One True God.
These are the words that Jesus gave her to write.
King of kings
Priest of priests
My lord you are the only way,
Through which I can attain eternal life
You are the light of my life
With you in my life
Darkness shall never reside
You are my devotion
You are my salvation;
Lord your mercifulness and greatness,
Shall never be forgotten
Lord you have laid your life for us,
You have accepted to be crucified
So that the holiness of your
Blood shall wash our sin
Jesus, king of Jerusalem
When you FIND God, MEET God, and come to KNOW God, you can expect HIM to speak to you. You read the Bible and a phrase leaps out at you. You know Jesus is speaking to YOU. The Bible becomes to you the living Word of God, His message to you.
You talk to God and sometimes you sense He is talking to you. You sort of KNOW certain things and THINK certain things and PERCEIVE certain realities which you could not know by yourself.
Even before you come to KNOW Jesus and follow Him as His disciple, God can speak to you in mysterious ways. Why? Because He created you. He planned your life and loved you before the foundation of the world. He wants you to know HIM and to be with HIM forever.
And when you encounter Jesus and you KNOW God personally, that is just the beginning of a journey of discovery. As you listen to the still small voice of God and follow His plans for your life, you discover why you were put on this earth, to make a unique contribution to the lives of others, to reveal the supernatural reality of God to people in despair and confusion.
Put your own name in that sentence and it is true. God has a unique purpose and a plan for your life and He is waiting for you to receive His calling. He wants to send YOU to reach this world for him.
You may have been a Christian for years but  you are discouraged by your own weaknesses and failures. START AGAIN.
Perhaps you have been basing your Christian life on the expectations and teachings of other Christians, even church leaders but this has not made you a world changer. Do something different. Search for a personal encounter with God and do what He tells you.

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