We live in a world where families are falling apart. Children are broken hearted. Many men and women with grey hair are still broken hearted children inside. 

  • We so much need the healing power and love of God.

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3 (NIV) 

Jesus experienced the pain of rejection over and over again. 

When He was about 18 months to 2 years old, His earthly parents had to flee the country and live as refugees in Egypt. When Jesus was still a little boy, His parents returned to Israel and lived in a village with a bad reputation. 

Everyone knew Jesus was conceived before Mary married Joseph. Religious people can be very cruel and village gossips destroy lives.

The Father in Heaven loves you and me. He sent His only Son to live the life we live, to experience the pain of rejection with us and for us.

He is like a father to us, tender and sympathetic to those who reverence him. Psalm 103:13 (TLB) 

The prophet King David cried out to God.

Feel my pain and see my trouble. Forgive all my sins. Psalm 25:18 (NLT)

  • When Jesus came as the Messiah, He answered this prayer in full. God was not a cruel father to send Jesus to be tortured to death on the cross. Jesus volunteered and willingly offered Himself for you and me.

When Jesus spoke about His intention to die on the cross. His disciples didn’t understand.

John 14:6-7 (NIV) 6  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7  If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.” 

  • When you see Jesus suffering on the cross, you see the Father loving you.

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