Your Dreams are Keys

When people say untrue things about you and you believe them, you begin to build a false identity. Your understanding of yourself is not based on reality. 

  • Maybe you are intelligent but you had learning difficulties at school. Your parents or teachers said you were not very smart and you believed them.
  • There are also parents who idolise their oldest or youngest child. He grows up thinking he is a genius who knows better than everybody else. How sad!
  • A girl who grew up in a very dysfunctional family. She had serious emotional problems and her parents told her she was schizophrenic. As a young adult she saw a good psychiatrist. After careful assessment, the psychiatrist confidently assured her she was not schizophrenic at all.

  • Supposing a very intelligent person goes through troubled times and cries out to God. He joins an apparently dynamic Bible based church and God begins to help him with his serious problems. This young convert has a good education, a lively imagination and a God given gift for bold, creative, original and sometimes critical thinking. 

    • The first church he joins is rigid and authoritarian. Conformity and passive submission is expected and often harshly enforced. The young convert is told he is rebellious, proud and demonised. 
    • If he accepts the teachings of the religious preacher, he believes a mixture of truth and lies. He no longer knows who he is.

God sees you differently.If you are a truly converted believer in Jesus Christ, you may be assured that:You are a son or daughter of the living God.God loves you with all of His heart.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NKJV) 

God made you as you are and He never makes junk. 

  • Not only that but what you see in yourself now is only a pale shadow of the wonderful person God sees you as, a man or woman created in the image of the glorious eternal God Himself.

But Bible truth alone is not enough. You must come to know the ONE who stand behind His promises.

  • If you learn to know God personally, He can teach you who He is and who you are. 

If you only know what other people teach about God, your faith can become a copy of someone else’s thinking rather than the personal adventure of discovery that God wants you to have. If you base your life on other people’s thoughts, you cannot fully understand who God is or who you are.

  • Even good Bible teaching or accurate prophecy is not enough by itself. 
  • Heavenly truth is like a seed. You must learn to apply it to your life and situation. 

Only the Holy Spirit Himself can make the good seed grow in you the way God intends. Only with God can you discover who you really are.

God made every one of His sons and daughters for a unique purpose. You are not a copy of any other believer, nor should you try to be one.

One key to finding release from this prison of unknowing is our dreaming, our daydreams and secret desires.

We can see this clearly in two Bible characters.

  • Saul was a young Jewish scholar who dreamed of becoming a great rabbi. He was a champion of the truth and righteousness of God. He hated and persecuted the Christians but when he was converted, he became the great theologian and apostle of the New Covenant of faith and grace. 
  • His original dream was not entirely wrong. It was a God given clue to his destiny.

Moses dreamed of liberating his captive Hebrew countrymen but he got it wrong. He killed an Egyptian and was seen by both Egyptians and Hebrew as a murderer. His dream was from God but he needed to be changed by God, so he could fulfil his dream WITH God.

  • God has created you. You have dreams and desires. 
  • Why not ask God to shine His light on your secret dreams and reveal the true purpose of your life?

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